Arena Cove

During the Age of Sail, doghole schooners utilized this tiny facility to supply the residents of Point Arena and take on lumber, dairy products, hides and other exports for transport to San Francisco and beyond. The pier was the site of Life Station #314 which was an important part of the coastal navigation system in place throughout the Nineteenth century and well into the early years of the Twentieth century.

Today, transport to and from Point Arena is handled by UPS and Fedex, as well as an occasional freight truck. The pier is still an important element of town. Located at Arena Cove, locals and visitors frequent restaurants, bed & breakfast inns, several stores and a popular coffee shop. One can fish from the pier without a fishing license and it is an excellent place to buy fresh fish or live crab when fishermen have their catch available. 

Arena Cove is an important meeting place for those of us living in Point Arena. Visit one of the eateries or shops and say hello.

The Cove building offers an upstairs restaurant, a pizza place, a coffee house,
and more. With a view!
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